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With a population of approximately 2.100.000 citizens, Bucharest is situated in the south-eastern part of Romania, near the border of Bulgaria and the Danube river. With the mountains and the seaside at similar distances from Bucharest, of approximately 2 hours by car, it can be seen as a perfect spot for starting a fun holiday.

The number of tourists that visit Bucharest has increased every year in the previous 6 years, reaching in 2017 a total higher than 1.800.000 visitors. And this also due to a huge variety of things to do in Bucharest and nearby areas, and the high number of praising articles abroad.

The main reasons for is increasing popularity are:

  • the vibrant nightlife in Bucharest
  • an unexplored, new destination
  • history and landmarks richness
  • beautiful women and friendly people
  • low prices compared to Western Europe

Things to do in Bucharest

Just a few of them

Being one of the main attractions in the Eastern Europe, Bucharest can be described as a fun, never ending source of energy and good vibes!
Bucharest is a city which never sleeps, from Monday to Sunday. Most of the Bucharest night clubs are at least 3 days a week ready to party, while other places such as pubs, casinos, restaurants, striptease clubs and bars, are active everyday.

There are also all types of clubs to be found, with different thematic and music styles. From exquisite, posh clubs, to electronic or alternative ones, for mainstream lovers or underground fans. Long story short, there are so many things to do in Bucharest that you will require very good planning ahead!

Not to mention the abundance of daytime activities: city tours, parks, historical buildings and so on. The good part is that most of them can be planned in advance from many websites, as in THIS Source.

Even though it’s safe enough to go out by yourself in the city, it’s always a better and safer solution to have a local guide responsible for the group for avoiding the risk of being hassled, overcharged or scammed by some not so well-purposed businesses.



Some of the main reasons why Bucharest’s notoriety has increased throughout Western European cultures is for having some of the most beautiful women in the world, a great nightlife and being still something new. As most of the travelers say, it’s a great place to spend your holiday with a group of friends!

Romanians are friendly people, which generally don’t prejudice and embrace other cultures easily. They are curious, outgoing and trustworthy, being eager to make new friends most of the times.

As a foreigner, adapting to Bucharest’s lifestyle can be very easily done, with a lot of interesting things that can be learned from our mixed lifestyle. One of the unique things to do in Bucharest can be even testing your driving skills or going to a public institution; Believe us, it’s crazy our there 🙂



The currency

  • 1 Romanian LEU (RON) = 100 bani
  • 1 $ ~ 4 RON
  • 1 € ~ 4.6 RON
  • 1 £ ~ 5.5 RON

In most parts of the city you can find banks, ATMs and legal currency exchanges


Most of the people in Bucharest speak at least one foreign language at conversational level. Younger generations are usually proficient in 2 languages, mostly English and French, Spanish or German, so it can be really easy to start a conversation with the locals.


The public transportation in Bucharest is very complex, having subways, buses, trolleybuses and trams. The prices for all the public vehicles is the same, 1.3 lei for a trip one way, except for the subway which can vary between 1.5 lei and 2.5 lei, depending on the number of bought trips.

The taxis and UBER are also a very popular means for transportation, having one of the lowest fares in Europe, for only 1.69 lei / km for the standard pricing, making Bucharest seem like a bargain if moving from a place to another. There are also premium companies and services, called Black Cabs, which can cost up to 3.5 lei / km.
Anyhow, be careful with the taxi fares during your rides, as the drivers are prone to charge you a lot more than the standard price, if you are an unaware visitor and don’t see the meter put.

Legal holidays in Romania

  • 1 January – New Year’s Day
  • 24 January – United Principalities Day
  • April-May – Easter (variable dates)
  • 1 May – Labor Day
  • 1 June – Children’s Day
  • 15 August – Saint Mary’s Day
  • 30 November – Saint Andrew
  • 1 December – National Day of Romania
  • 25 and 26 December – Christmas Days


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