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Discover the fascinated landmarks in Bucharest.

Besides the stunning nightlife that you can enjoy here, Bucharest is also famous for its rich history. What better way to really connect with the city if not experiencing a local tour by foot? From daytime till late at night, we are providing the most fun & insightful Bucharest city tours.

From historical streets and landmarks, to hidden bars and underground ghettos, our tours are flexible. In other words, we are adapting each tour to your expectations and spice them with some of our ideas.

Discover the amazing architecture, the intriguing cultural varieties from different centuries and the most iconic places defining Bucharest, with a custom plan every time!

Choose the desired Bucharest city tours from one of our suggested paths and we take care of the rest.

Palace of the Parliament

/ City Tours

Standard Tours.

Discover the most popular Bucharest city tours!

Involves seeing a high variety of popular landmarks, wide boulevards, learning local history and culture. 
The perfect choice for a relaxed day of sightseeing

You will learn about Bucharest's architectural styles, past and current lifestyles, communism era and why it was called the Little Paris before.
Along much other useful info.

On demand, museums or historical sites can be visited inside.

A walking tour of 3 hours (small break for drinks included)

A surprise drink for the group

Photos, local hints & recommendations

Private, only groups of at least 4


20€ / per person

/ City Tours

Alternative Tours.

Discover the secret Bucharest and its hidden beautiful landmarks in unconventional areas. We will show you a different side of our beautiful city, which not even the locals may know it.

Hidden history, street art, legends and fun facts are some of the highlights for this tour, along with many random surprise places.

A walking tour of 3 hours (small break included)

A surprise drink for the group

Photos, city hints & recommendations

Private, only groups of at least 4


20€ / per person

/ City Tours

Underground Tours.

The most original Bucharest city tours, the Underground tours are also the most intriguing ones!

Emphasizing on the forgotten ghetto life, the poor, rough and fascinating life of the local Rroma communities, you will also discover the paradoxical parts of Bucharest.

Discover how the fancy places and bars are just a minute walk to undeveloped ghettos, in an unexpected blending and transition of vibes. 

A walking tour of 2 hours and 2 stops at some secret local bars

A surprise drink for the group

Photos, city hints & recommendations

Private, only groups of at least 4


20€ / per person

How it works:

⍟ For more info, send us an inquiry with your desired tour and we will contact you back to check availability and further details.

⍟ Bad weather or local events may postpone some tours for another time frame or day.


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