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Your personal travel assistant on PDF.

Get a deep insight of all the things to do in Bucharest for local prices with the help of our Virtual travel support. Save a lot of time with the planning effort and have the easiest overview of all possible interests for your group through our custom PDF.

With this service, you just tell us what you want to do during your staying in Bucharest and we do the rest. We will provide all recommendations about the current events in town, what venues you should go to, where to eat, what to avoid, how to save time visiting and much other useful info.

Our plan is fully tailored based on your expectations, budget, agenda and flexibility, so you can maximize your experience when visiting Bucharest and Romania in general.
We will also provide all the things to do in Bucharest in short term, such as: recommended itineraries, alternatives for each activity, real supplier rates and phone support anytime, if required.

Please note that we ARE NOT affiliated to any local businesses and all recommendations are based on our local knowledge, experiences and our customer’s feedbacks.

On average, between 2 to 4 hours of research and planning saved, for first time visitors without any prior recommendations.

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The benefits of the Virtual travel support:

A huge amount of time saved on research, planning and organizing*

Supplier rates in all places, without any risks of hassles or extra charges

An authentic experience of Bucharest from A to Z

Best recommended events, places and activities

Avoid fake info on the internet from affiliated articles and businesses

Live phone support for reservations, planning or any other details

How it works:

Inquire or buy the service below and we will get back to you in maximum 3 hours*. Once we confirm planning the activity with you and acknowledge your expectations, in 2-3 hours you will receive the plan via E-mail or/and WhatsApp.

*Please note that during weekends and after 8 PM (local Bucharest time), we may respond in longer time than normally (3-4 hours or second day in the morning)

In very least probable case you need any extra support, contact us anytime and we will be glad to give you more updates up to 3 times.

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What's included:

A detailed custom PDF plan of 2-4 pages of things to do in Bucharest (depending on the request)

Full research of ongoing events, venues, public restrictions, warnings etc

Reservations and inquiries by phone

Local rates for all activities

3 extra support sessions by phone for any questions



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From Our Great Clients.

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      Razvan is a pleasure ti interact with and he knows all the right locations for good time. He is resourceful and quick to adapt even when in times of pandemic 🙂

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    Either it was corona time, we made a cool tour through the old town.


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      Best decision ever, worth every penny. Our guide, was calm the whole time even when all my drunk friends tried to start a fight or other things.
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      I had an amazing time, many thanks and once I've sorted myself out here properly I will definitely return.