• We strongly encourage travelers which have any symptoms of flu or disease to not attend Bucharest 2Night events and inform us about any potential risks·        When attending Bucharest 2Night events, you are implicitly confirming the conditions of not being currently sick or recently affected by symptoms related to COVID-19 with personal consent. Please be considerate to others and act responsively before giving your consent·        Operating events may suffer modifications due to crowd limitations and clubs closing. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us!·        Due to newly reported cases of COVID all over the worlds, we encourage responsible traveling and call-to-action to increased hygiene measures, avoiding crowded areas, avoiding contact with infected people and drinking from other sources than your own·        If you attended any Bucharest 2Night events and have any post-event symptoms related to COVID-19, please inform us as soon as possible via e-mail @ or by phone +40727139769 with details such as: medical exam results, number of infected acquaintances, estimated time of infection and updates on the current health progress GENERAL DISCLAIMER TERMS
  • ·        In the eventual case of having a prepaid activity with Bucharest 2Night or promoting partners, while noticing or experiencing any health risks related to COVID-19, the tickets can be cancelled and fully refunded if announced at least 6 hours before the start of the event.
  • ·        If you detect any health suspicious case during Bucharest 2Night events, please inform the organizers immediately and take precaution
  • ·        Bucharest 2Night guides and partners are implicitly assuring a safe conduct of events and not operating under any health-risking symptoms and places.
  • ·        Bucharest 2Night is not responsible for any participants’ misguiding facts or unknown symptoms of COVID-19, unless the consent of every participant is not verbally given publicly
  • ·        Travelers coming from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Japan, Germany, USA and other countries with a higher number of confirmed COVID-19 cases are especially requested to be extra cautious and informing us about their health condition and fill up a custom form when attending our events
  • All participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being during the event. Bucharest 2Night will do its best to ensure that participants safely attend a variety of localities and venues within Bucharest. However, Bucharest 2Night events cannot mitigate every eventuality and as such, Bucharest 2Night events involve an element of possible risk from other external factors which cannot be fully controlled. Natural disasters, buildings’ safety, external events or dangerous behavior of other parties are out of Bucharest 2Night’s responsibilities.
    All participants acknowledge these risks and attend events of their own accord and solely at their own risk as presented.
  • The service provider (Bucharest 2Night) has the right to accept or reject the potential clients on several criteria that may affect the quality of the services, such as: decent dress code, alcohoolemy level, aggressive attitude towards the organizers and other clients, refusal of payment or plan cooperation etc; In the same time, the provider does not discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender, political views or race in any situation.
  • All participants should be aware of their own physical or mental limitations before attending an event. People with medical conditions, allergies, alcohol limited diets or who are pregnant, are strongly advised not to participate in Bucharest 2Night events and must inform Bucharest 2Night of the full nature of their condition before participating. Otherwise, the organizer is not responsible for the situation created if the participants are affected during the services.
  • All Bucharest 2Night participants must be 18 years or older. Only official identification will be accepted as proof of age if required and includes: Passports, driver licenses, cards etc) Unacceptable identification includes photocopies, student cards and other unofficial documents.
  • The service provider is obliged to offer the promised services (according to the brochure, event description or online presentation) and never less than stated. Extra or optional services must be specified and agreed as non-obligatory, based on the presented conditions on e-mail or on common accord as a proof.
  • The service provider is not responsible if the planned event or the requested service is canceled for any external factors (extreme weather conditions, absence of confirmation from the participants, if the minimum number of attenders is not met or if the service users ask for a different service without a prior notice of at least 4 hours in advance).
  • Bucharest 2Night reserves the right to change or modify tours without prior notice in some cases, including changing or altering venues and routes for the best delivery of services according to the guide. In the event of a change, Bucharest 2Night will endeavour to substitute comparable venues and services, but accepts no liability for changes or participants’ refusal to comply. In this eventuality of change, the organizers should provide the minimum promised services as agreed prior to start or offer an agreed refund if not possible.
  • For any kind of prejudice of any cause (financial, personal, moral, physical etc), Bucharest 2Night is responsible IF ONLY the prejudice was caused by any related party or by the service provider. For any prejudice where the service provider is responsible, the service user is eligible for a total refund of the paid services or legal acts. For the cases where the external factors are the source of prejudice, Bucharest 2Night is not responsible and liable to penalties.
  • Any possible complaints can be done only during the service providing time, with a preliminary stating of the issues and well-reasoned facts. Any further complaints will not be taken into consideration and are not eligible for a refund and can be considered abusive.
  • In case of any dangerous behaviors, illegal acts or abusive practices from the clients, Bucharest 2Night is eligible for canceling the service providing without any compensation and further effects to it.